1. In Alaska, Cannabis has been legalized since 1975.

2. Cannabis is actually wearable! It can be made into fabric also known as hemp.

 3. When you refer to cannabis, what do you call it? Everyone’s answer may vary. There are more than 100 terms that people use to refer to the herb.
4. It continues to be debated, but many researchers and techies alike believe that cannabis was the first thing to ever be sold online in the 1970s.

5. The use of cannabis is integral to the Rastafarian religion. In some regions, it is not illegal to possess cannabis due to this religious association.

6. In the early development period of America, farmers were actually required to grow cannabis. This law was set in place in 1619 by the Virginia Assembly for the production of hemp.


 8. If you’re a fan of classic literature, you’ve no doubt heard of and appreciate the work of William Shakespeare. Researchers have discovered that he also used cannabis. Of course, he wasn’t the first renowned writer or icon to make use of the cannabis herb and surely will not be the last.
9. There’s no need to fear a cannabis overdose. It’s estimated that you would need to smoke 800 joints in a day to overdose.
10. The first American flag was made of hemp, making it a derivative of cannabis.