The Haze V3 Vaporizer is compromised of all the necessary components to make your vaping experience equally convenient and pleasurable. Innovative and attractive, this model is ideal for the novice and experienced. With a 10-year warranty and a variety of settings, prepare to bring your vaping dreams to fruition.

Benefits of the Haze V3

• The Haze sets the standard for dual chamber vaporizer. It’s the first of its kind, but others are likely to follow its trailblazing examples.
• More than likely, your bud of choice can be smoothly vaped in the Haze V3. There are four temperature settings that lend to versatile usage.
• You can mix and match buds to create your own unique blend of flavors. The Haze V3 is revolutionizing the vaporizing process by allowing users to heat two different types of buds at once at varying temperatures without worry of reaching the combustion point. This double vape process is both functional and impressive.
• A lot of time and careful research went into the creation of the Haze V3. To ensure that the product lived up to the expectations of vapers, the creation process went on for more than 5 years!
• To ensure the satisfaction of the vaporizer, there’s a 10-year warranty available.
• The battery life is long-lasting. When fully charged, the vaporizer could be used for six hours.
• In 90 seconds or less, the Haze V3 can reach its maximum temperatures.
• From the colors of Midnight to shades of orchid, vapers appreciate the visual appeal of this vaporizer. Fashionable without making a scene, using this vaporizer is a classy accessory suitable for a variety of situations.
• Using the Haze V3 can extend a vaping session by up to 35%.
• Vapers who are frequently on the move will love the portability and added convenience of the Haze V3. Along with its lightweight size, the pre-pack cans make vaping on the go a breeze and eliminates the hassle of cleaning at inconvenient times.


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