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9 Things You Should Know about Dabbing

cannabis thc dabbing

By formal definition, dabbing isn’t a new way of extracting THC, but it is still a method seeking acceptance both within and outside of the cannabis community. While it isn’t exactly the easiest to understand for beginners, there are quite a few benefits that come from dabs.

Key points to remember about dabbing.

  • Dabbing is the process of heating cannabis on a hot surface before use. You then extract the THC from the cannaboids and the sticky oil creates a wax, budder or BHO (Butane Hash Oil).
  • Dabbing is considered a controversial form of extraction because of the extreme potency and the risk of a “super-high” that is involved.
  • Many new dabbers take to the internet to learn the process of dabbing, but the process is best left to medical professionals and experts of this extraction method.
  • Dabs are most commonly smoked with a vape pen or a bong.
  • Within the cannabis community, it is known that the effects of dabs are beneficial to those who suffer from various illnesses and chronic issues that leave them in need of pain relief.
  • Dabbing with heat is not the only reliable method for extracting THC. There’s also CO2 and ice water extraction.
  • Up to 90% of THC is in dabs, which is why it is extremely potent.
  • Dabs contain all of the flavor from its cannabis source.
  • Proper dabbing is a clean way to ingest THC because there is no plant matter.

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