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Breathe Easy: Cannabis and Lung Health 

More and more doctors want to make marijuana legal

It’s been proven that smoking cigarettes are bad for your health, but this fact doesn’t ring true when it comes to cannabis and the effects it has on the lungs. Studies have actually shown that over a span of twenty years, a person could smoke a joint a day without any negative impact on their lungs.

Secondhand smoke from tobacco brings on asthma attacks, causes infections of the respiratory system and the ears, and leads to a considerable amount of related complications. On the other hand, researchers have discovered that over an extended period of time, cannabis smoke can actually protect the lungs, and prevent further damage from tobacco smoke.

Because of their importance to our body and ability to breathe, everyone has to be concerned with the health of their lungs. Depending on your preferences and concerns, cannabis offers choices of various strains and methods of consumption. There are ways to enjoy the medical benefits that cannabis offers without any smoke involved, with two of the top methods being vaporizing and oral ingestion.

Vaporizing instead of smoking. Vaporizing is a healthier alternative to smoking when considering lung health. As cannabis is heated below its combustion point (which is 392 degrees), it allows users to get all the medicinal benefits of cannabis without the smoke. This could be especially beneficial to asthma patients.

Taking THC in pill form. Oral Ingestion of THC helps to open up the lungs instead of restricting lung capacity because of the anti-inflammatory properties in the pill. Sinus infections can also be less of a pain and tend to clear up more quickly as the inflamed sinuses become decongested from the use of THC pills.

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