In Port Antonio, Jamaica, you’ll find 30 acres of an unspoilt paradise that transports guests to what could only be described as a natural wonderland. The Bay View Eco Resort & Spa is the name of this little piece of paradise that fronts the majestic Blue Mountains. A 420-friendly resort, it offers premium cannabis products and scenic views of the pristine Caribbean Sea. Eco-friendly and surrounded by beauty that could only be created by nature, this resort and spa makes for an unforgettable getaway for solo travelers and group adventurers.

Unexpected excitement and serenity are inclusive to this resort. If you’re heading to Port Antonio to reflect, meditate, and revive the mind, body, and spirit, this destination is unmatched and features inviting scenes at every turn. From the bold hues of red to the calming shades of brown, the exterior invites guests to relax and let their cares drift away.

Away from the waters, the hiking excursions are always a treat for wildlife and plant lovers. Follow the trails that place you in the middle of lush flora as the sounds of wildlife fill the air, lulling even the most anxious of travelers. Of course, the salty scent of the ocean and its inviting breeze calls out to water sport lovers and sun bathers alike.

Escaping from modern inconveniences doesn’t mean that guests at the Bay View Eco Resort & Spa have to sacrifice the amenities of luxe life. During the time spent inside of this resort, visitors are enchanted by the one-of-a-kind spa treatments, allowing their outer and inner beauty begin to shine through.

Hungry? The resident chef will be sure to make your taste buds dance with delight with delectable meals that offer visitors a true taste of Jamaica.

In close proximity to shopping venues and major attractions, cannabis users love the scenic views, the numerous activities and friendly staff that are always available to meet their needs and offer up countless recommendations that will make their stay unforgettable.


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