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As Senior Content Manager, it is my pleasure to welcome you to High Vibes Jamaica.

High Vibes Jamaica is a media platform committed to supporting the development of a viable and inclusive industry in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean. Through events, eZines, videos, interviews, and other media channels, we showcase lifestyle, music, events, and culture. We place a high premium on authentic and credible reporting on everything from the medicine behind the industry to the Rastafari culture, roots, and reggae.

At High Vibes Jamaica, our mission is to provide you with pertinent news and updates for a deeper exploration of the cannabis culture from a Jamaican and global perspective – but we are much more than a media platform and coalition of industry experts. 

High Vibes is a community of writers, marketers, advocates, enthusiasts, and business owners with a holistic vision highlighting the beneficial role of cannabis to create a more economically resilient and healthy society.

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