Dancehall reigns as one of the most impactful and powerful genres of music in Jamaica and abroad, and hailing from Kingston, Jamaica, is none other than Beenie Man, often cited as the King of Dancehall! Born as Anthony Moses Davis, Beenie Man has been tapping into his impressive musical abilities since he was 5 years young. Over the years, we’ve watched Beenie Man skyrocket to success thanks to his ground-breaking production, rocking concerts and influential collaborations. With an undeniable presence and unique sound, Beenie Man leaves his distinct mark on any project he’s involved with.

Some of the hottest pop artists in the industry have collaborated with Beenie Man, eager to lend their voices to the eclectic vibes and add to the raw energy that makes Beenie Man a crossover success. Who could resist the thumping beats of the hit song Dude, Girls Dem Sugar with Mya and Feel It Boy featuring Janet Jackson as Beenie Man’s charismatic presence perfectly collided with their sultry voices?

“I love each and every one and am just begging each and every one to do the same.” – Beenie Man

Crowds have been swaying to the tunes of Beenie Man for more than 20 years now. Released in 1983, his first album was The Invincible Beenie Man – 10 year old DJ Wonder, with his first hit single being Over the Sea. His cover of Bob Marley’s No Woman No Cry was reprised as No Mama, No Cry,a thoughtful track demonstrating Beenie Man’s depth as a lyricist. Beenie Man’s appeal has no bounds and in 1998, he was signed to Virgin Records in the United States.

A Grammy-winning artist who is cited as one of the biggest dancehall entertainers in the world, Beenie Man is not without humility, and he is able to use dancehall to bring people together regardless of their location and differences, setting him apart as an entertainer who demonstrates the power of peace, unity, and good music.