EMCH is a producer, a musician, and collaborative leader who is fronting the movement that combines reggae and dub. Savvy with technology and an expert at mixing, music lovers quickly come together, whether it be in North America, Europe, or Asia, for the transcendent musical experience offered by EMCH. He pays homage to the reggae genre and reggae’s influence on other styles of music through Subatomic Sound System, a group that has gained worldwide respect and admiration for their mind-blowing shows and their ability to blur the lines of definition between various genres.

In New York City, music lovers have been tuning in for years as EMCH hosts Subatomic Sound Radio on BrooklynRadio.com. Founded in 1999, Subatomic Sound System is a collaborative effort of diverse New York City artists. They combined modern electronic music with Jamaica’s traditional sound system of the 1970s. It was an impressive and intricate style to suit every imaginable mood. Through their sound, fans found themselves exposed to heavy hitting bass, drums, and hip hop. This innovative production was wild, unexpected, and it was clever.

In 2008, the world listened up as Subatomic Sound System emphasized the strong connection between today’s popular UK electronic genre with 1970s Jamaican dub. Music legend, Lee “Scratch” Perry is known for forming the foundations of dubstep, and Perry and Vienna’s Dubblestandart showcased Perry’s original dub-heavy tracks. This release was one of the projects that put Subatomic Sound System on the map.

The fact that dub reggae is the foundation of the dubstep craze has been lost in translation through heavy mixes and subgenres, but EMCH is an artist who seeks to remind us of reggae’s important contributions by redirecting the spotlight to tracks such as Respect the Foundation, and Blackboard Jungle, Lee Scratch Perry’s 1973 dub classic.

While EMCH was dedicating time to show respect to Lee Scratch Perry, it seems that the legendary Perry was paying attention to EMCH as well. The result was a dream collaboration that led to EMCH playing guitar while touring with Perry. He has also been involved with numerous major collaborations that include artists such as Anthony B and Elephant Man. Through reggae, dub, and some of the most ingenious mixing of modern times, EMCH and Subatomic Sound System won’t be slowing down anytime soon.