The son of Bob Marley and table tennis champion Anita Belnavis, Ky-mani Marley has topped the charts as a powerful musician and a representative of modern reggae artists. Much like his father, Kymani Marley heavily infuses themes of love and unity in his music, but his style continues to stand on its own merit as infectious and soulful.

Ky-Mani is a name of East African origin and translates to “Adventurous Traveler,” a title that is well-fitting if you consider his adventurous approach as an artist. His music effortlessly takes listeners on a journey of eclectic sounds combining reggae, hip hop, and rhythm and blues, culminating in tracks that make for easy listening while giving concert-goers music to easily get lost in as they sway to the rhythms and soul-shaking lyrics. Fans around the world have come to recognize Ky-Mani’s talents as he has travels to various venues to put on concerts that fascinate audiences, leaving them in awe of his innate ability to incorporate characteristics of catchy pop and classic reggae.

While Ky-mani has been rapping and learning to DJ since his teen years, it seems that music had to find him while living in the city of Miami. Fate ran its course and the athletic Ky-Mani found his focus shifting from sports to music as he explored his ability to play guitar, piano and trumpet in high school.

Not long after discovering his musical inclinations, Ky-Mani’s album Like Father, Like Son was released in 1996. This was followed by Marley’s independent released of The Journey in 1998. Not surprisingly, in 2001, his album Many More Roads was nominated for a Grammy, with other notable projects to follow.

Ky-Mani continues to creatively evolve with a universal appeal that has fans enjoying the ride all over the world. Along with being an exceptional reggae artist, he has also proven himself as a skilled actor. He is portrayed as one of the central characters in the films One Love, Haven, and Shottas. Whether gritty or romantic, he is associated with projects that have powerful storylines and loyal followings – in regards to both films and music.