Imagine pulling up to a drive-through to place an order. But this time you aren’t ordering a quick bite to eat. Your order is for the cannabis strain of your choice. While this sounds like a dream too good to come true, it is now a reality in the small town of Parachute, Colorado.

Tumbleweed Express is the name of this drive-through cannabis shop. Once a car wash titled Soaps and Suds, the building has now given way to positive vibes and bud. Understandably, no one in the vehicle making orders at this establishment is allowed to be under the age of 21.This shop serves as an example of the ever-growing acceptance of cannabis and the potential it affords creative business owners hoping to secure themselves in an industry worth more than $6 billion.

Met with a satisfying variety of choices and the convenience of fast service, drive-throughs rarely seem to lose their popularity. In fact, more than 60% of customers prefer to use drive-through services. 

Cannabis tourism

While Denver is rightfully acknowledged as the cannabis hot spot of Colorado (and throughout the U.S. in many instances), the financial upswing provided by cannabis is felt throughout the state. Parachute is located in the western region of Colorado, and while this mountain town is humble both in size and population density, cannabis accounted for 30% of its $1+ million tax sales revenue in 2016!

Of course, numerous cities in legal support of cannabis worldwide are experiencing the financial support it brings to their communities. Cannabis is a magnet for tourists seeking medical and recreational relief, and like any other attraction, cannabis tourism leads to an increase in profits in other sectors, including retail, lodging, and restaurants.