When it comes to cannabis, bowls are a necessary part of the industry. They are seen and used religiously by many smokers. To say they are appreciated is an understatement. With every pull and drag, it is nothing short of an icon in it’s own way. But what if your bong became much more than an instrument used for smoking? Two brothers native to the state of Washington have a found a rather interesting answer to this question and their response has been the Printabowl.

Touted as the #1 Cannabis Startup to Watch by Entrepreneur, Printabowl utilizes 3d printing technology to bring the concept of their works to life.  These bowls are bringing art appreciation and cannabis together, fused by sophisticated designs and unexpected textures that are unmatched in style.

Each bowl is inspected for reliability and created to enhance the smoking experience. Beyond the aesthetics, we love how the Printabowl is presenting a different side of the cannabis industry. This company shows that cannabis holds value for the refined and the industry is able to cater to those with high standards.

As the cannabis culture continues to gain acceptance, the printabowl serves as a testament to the creativity and enthusiasm of those who are a part of the industry, as well as the ability to incorporate design and modern technology into the craft.


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