Cannaflower Announces New Line of Cannabis Products

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Cannaflower™ Announces Their New Line of Ultra-premium Low THC Smokable Cannabis Products. The new smokable hemp flower strains are genetically engineered to meet Federal legal requirements and be sold and shipped nationwide.

Cannaflower™ (formerly known as Berkshire CBD) today announced their new line of low THC, High CBD cannabinoid-rich flower products.

The future of cannabis is here now. While individual states slog through red tape to try to pass legislation to legalize cannabis, the 2018 farm bill quietly paved the way to open up a whole new market of low THC cannabis products. These products are federally legal and available all over the United States. One of the most exciting innovations in this new market is the cultivation and sale of high CBD low THC cannabis flower. While the look of this flower is identical to traditional cannabis flower, it contains much less THC, making it both federally legal and more accessible to many consumers. It turns out that many people are not looking for the radically elevated THC profiles that most of today’s cannabis strains contain. Essentially, consumers are able to get many of the therapeutic benefits of traditional cannabis by microdosing THC. Innovative online companies like Cannaflower have met this new market with a line of premium low THC cannabis products that can be shipped directly to the consumer in all 50 states. 

The company has been in operation since 2018, ever since the USDA’s 2018 Farm Bill provided clear regulations around the cultivation and sale of ‘industrial hemp’; swinging open the doors to a brand new market. From the earliest days, Cannaflower established itself as the industry leader in the newly regulated and emerging industry of federally-legal, low THC cannabis; setting the standard for quality, compliance, and customer service.

“The world of cannabis is changing,” said Cannaflower COO Perrin Hendrick. “Many states have removed yesterday’s laws and replaced them with saner legislation. While progress may seem slow, there is one emerging market that has already experienced exponential growth: Federally compliant, low THC cannabis – what is now legally termed ‘hemp’.”

“There is an emerging movement among artisan cultivators and consumers focused on premium grade smokable flower with federally compliant levels of THC,” said Cannaflower CEO and Co-Founder Will Trienens. “In this new marketplace of artisan smokable hemp flower, Cannaflower is leading the charge.”

Cannaflower is dedicated to growing and sourcing the highest quality federally-legal, low THC cannabis product that can be sold and shipped nationwide. The unique Cannaflower process ensures that each strain provides the same look, feel, and aroma of dispensary quality cannabis products.

“We cultivate, process and manicure hybridized hemp genetics that can be directly traced to established, designer cannabis strains.” stated COO Perrin Hendrick. “Cannaflower customers will recognize strains like ‘OG KushHawaiian Haze, and Sour Space Candy. Cannaflower’s low-THC versions of these strains have all been artfully bred directly from these famous parent cultivars.”

Cannaflower’s low THC cannabis flower is available directly to consumers in all 50 states through In addition, Cannaflower offers wholesale partnership opportunities to retailers throughout the United States. Cannaflower products are currently available in over 200 brick and mortar stores in 36 states.

Retail and wholesale customers can purchase with confidence thanks to Cannaflower’s industry-leading compliance practices. All products receive rigorous, 3rd party, certified lab testing to verify they contain less than the legal limit of  0.3% THC at the time of harvest. Every order ships with certificates of analyses, in heat-sealed packaging, complete with UPC codes and URLs which direct anyone to Cannaflower’s online COAs.

“We are all witnessing the beginning of the next evolution in Cannabis,” stated Trienens. “And Cannaflower is just at the start of our growth. We plan to continue hone our craft and remain ahead of the pack when it comes to innovation. Be sure to keep an eye on us in the years to come.” 

About Cannaflower™

Cannaflower is the world’s leading, luxury brand of smokable CBD Hemp Flower products.

In 2018 the USDA provided clear regulations around the legal cultivation and sale of “industrial hemp.” With that, the Smokable Hemp Flower industry was born – and is currently experiencing explosive growth!

Cannaflower provides the highest quality, federally-legal, low THC cannabis products that can be sold and shipped nationwide.  From organic farming practices, to hand-trimming, to a 60 day slow cure, the cannaflower process ensures that our products provide the same look, feel, and aroma of dispensary quality products.

Cannflower’s product line includes both indoor and sungrown flower strains available in 3.5 gram, 7 gram, and 1 ounce loose bags, as well as pre rolls and pre roll tins.

SOURCE: Cannaflower


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