cannabis myths

You can spot a cannabis user from a mile away.  Long gone are the days of associating the use of cannabis with a specific age group or personality type. People of various lifestyles, both conservative and liberal, now use cannabis for recreational and medical purposes. Medical professionals even use cannabis themselves! From college students to some of the biggest names in entertainment and politics, there is no specific appearance that could expose a cannabis smoker.

You can overdose on cannabis. Even if you tried, it would take at least 800 joints to overdose on cannabis. More than likely, no one will achieve this during our lifetime.

Smoking cannabis is worse for your health than cigarettes. The opposite of this myth is true when it comes to comparing cigarettes and cannabis. In fact, research has shown that cannabis can actually improve lung health, while other studies have shown that cigarette smokers indulge more often in their addictive and unhealthy habit.


Cannabis users can’t remember anything. While cannabis is known to affect your memory in the short-term, it does not have long-term effects on how the brain functions and the ability to memorize. The effect it has short-term memory is not long-lasting and you won’t forget any memories you had in the past nor will it affect your ability to remember important obligations and prior engagements.

Cannabis is cannabis. There is no difference. Don’t believe that cannabis has no real differences. There are many strains and all of them have your own flavors, effects and benefits. For example,  one strain may be catered to helping someone feel relaxed while another may be for medical issues requires pain relief from cannabis. The more you learn about Cannabis, the more you’ll find that there are always more interesting facts.


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