Jamaica is a country that’s proud of its local strains. They are showcased every year at the ever-popular Jamaican Cannabis Cup, but let’s look at one that’s been around for a while. A Sativa that is rumored to have been Bob Marley’s favorite strain, Lambsbread.

As a matter of fact, in many of his songs, this strain is mentioned as a celebration of its quality.  This is a direct reflection of its considerable effects that may be described as very euphoric, quick-acting, and even long-lasting. It lends itself to be smoked by driven and creative individuals, particularly as it’s said to have almost no body fatiguing nor a sense of overwhelming.

This is a go-to strain when you want to maintain focus and lift your spirits. This strain is largely medicinal by nature and is regularly taken by patients to treat their stress, anxiety, and depression. Also, it is relied upon to reduce headaches, certainly an asset when you’re trying to come up with song after song and creating groundbreaking albums!

Lambsbread is referred to by many who use it as a smiling strain. It is known to bring about a certain unmistakable jovial feeling that lifts your spirits to wonderful heights.