Lamb’s Bread is a sativa strain made famous for its ability to rejuvenate the mind and energize the body. Native to Jamaica, this strain has been praised by legendary artists, including Peter Tosh and Bob Marley, along with many who practice the Rastafari religion.

With its spicy flavor and scent, Lamb’s Bread leaves you feeling less tense and more at ease, making you less vulnerable to stress triggers.

Along with relieving anxiety, migraine sufferers tend to find relief from the strain as do those who suffer from depression and mood swings.

Expect to have your mood uplifted with this energy-boosting herb. After smoking this strain, you’ll notice that your mind seems to clear itself from unnecessary clutter, leaving you with a greater ability to think innovatively. Because of this, the strain is a favorite for aspiring artists and creatives. Those who aren’t seeking creative inspiration also appreciate the ability of this strain to make their daily routines seem much more enjoyable than before, leading to happier days and more peaceful nights.


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