What’s brewing in your Keurig?  For patients who use cannabis for medicinal purposes, it may be Jane’s Brew Gourmet Cannabis Infused Tea. This THC-infused tea is the winner of the Hempcon Cup’s Best Edible and Connoisseurs’ Choice for 2015 winner for good reason, as it features some of the finest ground buds that can be enjoyed as a hot or cold drink.

Medicinal cannabis users not only love the taste of tea from the House of Jane, they appreciate the discretion it provides. Health professionals continue to confirm the medical benefits of cannabis for those who suffer from a variety of ailments, including pain and depression.  Yet and still, not everyone is comfortable medicating in the public eye. The tea lessens this concern as it serves as a healthy drink that is free of fat and sugar. Those with gluten allergies are also allowed to enjoy this gluten-free drink as they sip to relieve pain and relax.

Consumers will notice the difference within 15 minutes of using this tea to medicate and can enjoy its effects for up to 5 hours. With so many medical benefits, this drink continues to be reviewed as a delicious option by consumers. With no scent or off-putting aftertaste, this combination of tea and cannabis will most likely continue to grow in popularity for tea lovers and cannabis users.


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