KÖLLIKEN, Switzerland – Buyers have already placed orders of over 400kg before official launch.

KannaSwiss has created the world’s first legal hash. This hash only contains trace amounts of THC (the psychoactive compound in cannabis), it does however contain CBD.

“I’ve been in the business for over 20 years and I have to say I’m speechless,” claims Ivan Enderli, co-founder of KannaSwiss. “The flavor, overall look, and feel demands that it be smoked. This completely takes things to an entirely new level. I’m proud of this CBD Hash. In fact, I think it’s amazing.”

Demand for new CBD products is skyrocketing and KannaSwiss is positioning itself to anticipate market demands. “Anticipation is power, reaction is pain,” Boris Blatnik, CSO always likes to say.

The new KannaSwiss CBD hash has been in the works for the last five months. Getting the right consistency and flavor profiles has been a challenge. Their determination is evident once you try the product.

KannaSwiss also offers on special requests higher CBD content in the hash. They offer 10%, 20%, 30% all the up to 60% CBD in the hash.

About KannaSwiss: KannaSwiss GmbH was started in 2014. It’s the first vertically integrated Swiss company that makes consumable CBD products. They believe that in order to have the best end product one has to begin with the best quality product. This is why they personally handle every step from seed to shelf. “We only produce CBD products of the highest quality.”