Kaya Herb House promotes a holistic approach to a plant that, at its most fundamental level, is a medicine whose benefits are too numerous to count.

This is hardly surprising because Kaya is not only the first medicinal cannabis house in Jamaica, but in the whole Caribbean. There’s no better way to learn about the ¨history of ganja¨ than by paying a visit to one of its various locations where all questions are welcome.

If you would like to learn about how cannabis is grown in a healthy way, you can fully immerse yourself in a crash course on the topic. This is one of the many notable features of Kaya Tours. On the tour, visitors are walked through the whole process of turning a seed plant into a medical quality product that can address a wide array of concerns.

If you’re seeking high quality, you’ve found the right place. Kaya Farms is home to an impressive 18-time Jamaican Cannabis Cup winners. Also, you can find an assortment of other strains that you likely haven’t tried out before. Kaya isn’t just about providing visitors with the flower. At the Kaya Extracts lab, you can consider different ways of taking cannabis.

Those who would only like to savor the local flavors that extend beyond the herb can do so at the cafe. A social flare makes it the perfect place to recharge your batteries mid-vacation. You can provide your own medical license or simply make an appointment with the in-house doctor.

In short, Kaya Herbs House is an institution that promotes the best of what cannabis culture has to offer. It serves as an immersive introduction into what makes our relationship to cannabis so special and down-right spiritual in nature.