Melissa Bloomfield was born in Spanish Town, raised in Manchester, and now resides in Kingston, Jamaica. She has always been exposed to music, as her father hosted many of Jamaica’s greats at his Travelers Lounge nightclub in Mandeville. Toots & The Maytals, Byron Lee & Pluto Shervington were familiar faces.

Melissa, known to many as Mel, has innate talents that allow her to wear many hats. Mel is a proud mom, cannabis advocate, event host, and budding singer. She is Principal of Mel’s Tree-Eats, Jamaica’s winningest and premier edibles brand and Curator for Buds&Brushes.

On August 1st 2020, Buds & Brushes: the Virtual Experience is back with another amazing line up of talented DJs and Live Performances as they join us VIRTUALLY to take us on a musical magic carpet ride. Parts Proceed in aid of Jamaicans coping with the impact of COVID19 with the help of

Mel graced High Vibes with her presence to chat about this upcoming event and much more. Read on to learn more, invite your Best Buds, and JoinTheEvolution on Eventbrite

Hi, Mel! So, what made you feel called to work in the cannabis industry?

My love for music, people and cannabis is what called me to work in the cannabis industry – and especially my love for cannabis!

How did the Buds and Brushes journey begin? 

With everything I do, I do it for the love. My love for art is how that journey began. Knowing the things I know about cannabis and how it can enhance the senses made me want to combine the two. After consuming cannabis, you would be able to unleash your creativity.

I also wanted it to be a Puff & Paint like no other (as more also exist). I decided to combine a few other components that would be enhanced with the use of cannabis, such as taste and hearing. Edibles and live music are also incorporated, but all things are given in doses to create a memorable experience.  



What is the message that you want Buds and Brushes to convey? 

Buds&Brushes is an event that gives back. It’s important that people know this is an event that is continuously giving to people in need. 

What is the ethos behind Mel’s Tree-Eats and what makes it unique?

 Mel’s Tree-Eats Ethos is diverse, educational, and trusted. What makes Mel’s truly unique is the product diversity and the one on one education that is given to every consumer who crosses my path.

What health benefits do you most frequently hear about from edible consumers? 

I frequently hear about edibles helping with sleep or severe pain.

 What advice would you give to someone trying edibles for the first time?

Start low, go slow, and be patient as edibles take anywhere from 45 minutes to two hours to kick in.

What is your favorite edible? 

Peanut Butter Cookies.

What makes it a favorite? 

ALL my edibles are yummy, but these are just “mmmm” good and my customers would totally agree!

 What is your favorite cannabis-infused meal or recipe? 

Pizza! My sauce is infused, and I make really good homemade sauce.

Can you tell us more about Cannabliss weddings and the inspiration behind the idea? 

Cannabliss weddings is a project I’m working on. I’ve always done some form of event planning and I’ve been to many weddings where cannabis users would have to hide and smoke…even the bride and groom! So, I thought, “Why not classy cannabis-friendly weddings? That would be great!”

I did some research only to see it was already a budding industry. “Why not try to get into this?” I wondered. People already come to our island to have an island wedding. Why not incorporate “good ganja,” one of the things we are known for?

What goals do you hope to achieve within the industry in the next 6-12 months? 

The legalization of edibles, but I know that’s not happening soon.

 How do you think society could remove the stigma of cannabis use? 

Education is key. Truly, more educational material needs to be put out to the public to educate people on the benefits and proper uses.

More specifically, how could we remove the stigmatization of edible use? 

Education and showing testimonials (which I have many of) from individuals from all walks of life.

Meet Mel tomorrow at Buds & Brushes: the Virtual Experience

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