Microsoft, one of the leading computer and software companies in the world, has joined forces with Kind Financial, a startup in Los Angeles that tracks cannabis from the seed to sale process. As the cannabis industry continues to look towards the future of merging the business with technology, this partnership is much-welcomed news.

The cannabis industry is booming and Microsoft has understandably taken notice of the potential for corporate growth. With Kind and Microsoft, legality and structure that must come with the legalization process of a cannabis business makes the commercial procedures much easier for entrepreneurs. Kind Financial will be placed on Microsoft’s Azure government platform – a separate cloud system that monitors security and compliance protocol for businesses.

Kind Financial places major emphasis on regulation and safety, and is one of the top startups to watch as their goal is to reach every state with solutions that are understandable in order to achieve compliance. As more states continue to legalize cannabis, it’s apparent that the market is becoming a respectable business for entrepreneurs and medical professionals. Kind Financial serves as data management for these forward-thinking business minds.


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