In the cannabis community, some desire more potent strains that will really take you for a journey. For these types of higher experiences, Indica strains, that provide more of a “body high,” play a major role in facilitating these kinds of heavier experiences.

For those opting to go down this path, there’s plenty of powerful strains to suit your preference. However, experts suggest gradually working your way towards stronger strains.

Northern Lights Number 5 has been beloved for over three decades after winning the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam.

With a THC content level of over 40%, it’s sure to provide a thoroughly enjoyable experience while satisfying the desires of even those with high tolerances. A major contributor to the popularity of this strain is its sweet taste; often described as immersive and tangy.

Northern Lights Number 5 has gained a huge following among those who rely on it to manage anxiety and physical pain of all sorts. Still, it may be too potent for new cannabis users, so ingest lightly if trying for the first time.

Once you feel ready to step up to the plate, this beautiful strain is sure to knock you out of the park!