Technological advancements are ongoing, with the ability to utilize hemp as fuels for cars serving as a prime example. There’s still so much in the early stages of development, waiting to be discovered through the innovative uses of cannabis. 

The cannabis industry is poised to remain as a frontier for technological growth and inspiration, explaining why well-respected institutions are pushing for more research into the cannabis market.

Due to its medicinal properties, the DNA sequencing of cannabis to enhance its medical benefits is one of the biggest considerations at present. 

For some, the exact properties of cannabis strains remain elusive, but knowing the specific details of each strain is what allows for proper medical use and recommendations.

But technology that can decipher the key ingredients of cannabis strains is on the horizon. For example, tech startup Lobo Genetics is providing a device that measures an individual’s ability to metabolize the psychoactive compound THC through the Spartan BioScience demo. It only requires a mouth swab to conduct a DNA analysis. 

Isolating cannabis strains and delineating their trajectory over thousands of years of human cultivation is no easy feat. Similar to how experimenting with CRISPR genome editing has the capacity to save lives, it could become commonplace in society to have unique strains developed based on what works for the individual.   

Understanding the roles that the cannabinoids in the flower play will result in more responsible usage. Some may require more CBD. For others, more THC would be best. As emerging technologies progress, we’ll have considerable power to define our relationships with the medicinal plant we call ganja. 


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