Let’s face it: Indoor cultivation is difficult even for the most advanced growers. But it doesn’t have to be. We at Surna view indoor cultivation challenges as opportunities to improve the industry. Surna’s innovative technologies address the energy and resource intensive nature of indoor cultivation. Properly controlled environments can lead to higher yields, more reliability and more security. As the true industry experts in applied mechanical engineering, agricultural science, indoor farming and predictive facility modeling, we are the first call any cultivator, investor, engineer or cannabis consultant should make when planning and designing a controlled cultivation environment.

Our systems are designed to produce greater yields, improve reliability and increase ROI, but our solutions are not one-size-fits-all. As cross-disciplinary experts, our teams take time to understand each of our clients’ business goals, climate conditions and facility before designing any system. Want to cultivate with better energy efficiencies? No problem.


When hiring third-party services to assist with a controlled growing environment, it can often feel like the outside team and the internal team aren’t always on the same page. Two groups working toward uncommon goals only delays results. Not so, with Surna. Our project management, engineering and customer service teams work together with cultivation teams to ensure everyone is working toward a common goal. After all, it’s more fun to grow together.

Surna’s commitment to customer service is steeped in its company values. Since our days as a start-up based out of a sweltering Austin, Texas garage more than a decade ago, our company values have guided the way we approach every situation, every client and every employee each day as we work toward our mission of creating efficient technology and equipment.

From initial design and engineering through equipment selection and implementation, Surna provides a more intelligent, affordable and efficient solution and will serve as your single-source provider from design to project commissioning and beyond.

Whether you need up-front consulting to learn how to get started, budgetary numbers or engineering drawings to submit with your license or are ready to buy a climate control system and need help with training, Surna can assist. No matter what your experience level is or where you are in your facility build-out process, our representatives are committed to helping you reach your cultivation goals—we’ve been there before and will be there for you when you need us. That you can count on.

SOURCE Cannabis Business Times