Whether you’re a fan of country music or hardcore hip-hop, you’ll find common elements in all genres of music, including love, vivid storytelling – and cannabis. Music influences people on so many levels that we often don’t realize its ability to alter our emotions and leave an impression on us in both obvious and subliminal ways.

Music has the power to alter our thoughts and emotions.

Ever listen to a song and remember all the lyrics without much effort? Along with registering catchy lyrics and tunes in our minds, music excites us. It soothes us and it inspires. Just as music influences humans, a World Science Report has revealed that the vibrations from music also has an effect on nature that encourages plants to grow.


THC makes tunes better.

THC found in cannabis releases dopamine in the brain, the chemical in your brain that affects your movements, emotion and feelings of pleasure and pain. This is also the chemical that allows for divergent or creative thinking.  It’s when divergent thinking flows freely that many artists are no longer bound by logic and attribute some of their greatest hits to these moments of unbound clarity.

One of the main reasons cannabis users enjoy listening to music as they smoke is because of the dopamine enhancement from THC that helps listeners to tune in with the pure artistry of music and appreciate the sounds and lyrics that they may have overlooked in the past.

Peter Webster, an earth scientist and author of “Marijuana and Music: A Speculative Exploration, shares that “the effect seems to be almost universal and does not fade with experience.”