Cannabis and man have maintained an ancient relationship throughout history because ganja is more than a trending, modern herb. It has been recognized as a sacred plant throughout the world.

Great civilizations such as the Assyrians, Mesopotamians, Brahman tradition, and religions such as Shinto, Buddhism, and Sufism, have been associated with the herb for ceremonial and religious purposes. In Nepal, cannabis is smoked in honor of the god Shiva.

However, few modern cultures have accepted the widespread use of ganja as the Rastafarians. In Rastafarian culture, the use of cannabis is not exclusive to religious ceremonies but has an active role in daily life.

 For Rastafarians, the ganja is a form of the expansion of consciousness, which allows introspection and is a path to connecting with Jah.

Today, Rastafarianism should not be understood as just a Jamaican religion. It has spread throughout the world, with an estimated 700,000 followers, whose values ​​cry out for righteousness, brotherhood, and honesty. Rastafarians direct us to a very current demand: unity.

 There are even more cultures whose uses of cannabis are for religious purposes because the ganja is more than recreational. Ganja is part of a spiritual search for higher ground and a better way of life.


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