Imagine the @PewDiePie of ganja-gaming, the @RomanAtwood of reefer ruses, or the @Andreaschoice of marijuana make-up.  Mainstream social media platforms and live video communities like Instagram, YouTube, and Twitch currently censor the grey area that is cannabis content regardless of the full legal compliance of the creators and businesses that publish these types of media.  In turn, this censorship stifles the creativity and, ultimately, the creation of potential weed influencers.  Moreover, this monitoring leads to limited channels for advertising businesses to target weed demographics.  Toke.TV (formerly Toke With) aims to provide a comprehensive solution for all in being the choice destination for cannabis enthusiasts, businesses, advertisers, and more to connect and create through live video content.  Learn more by downloading the app or visiting Toke.TV.

“Millionaires are being minted by the minute in the pot product industry; the digital weed landscape holds equal, if not greater, potential,” says co-founder and CEO Miguel Sugay, who is a Stanford grad and serial tech entrepreneur.  Toke.TV aims to stake its claim in this digital realm with its community of weed influencers by launching Toke.TV, a first-of-its-kind live video platform and social streaming network connecting and protecting the cannabis community.

Today, Toke.TV announces the closing of its latest multi-million dollar Series A financing led by a world-class venture capital fund (closed in February 2017).  The cannabis tech company aims to unify the market from dispensaries to content creators in the highly fragmented legal weed industry projected to be worth $24.5BN by the year 2020.  Toke.TV’s goal is to accomplish what Twitch did for live video gaming–effectively looking to create a multi-billion dollar industry out of the niche cannabis digital space.  Observing the swift rise of live-streaming while at the same time identifying a unique challenge for weed influencers and cannabis-focused advertisers, Miguel Sugay joined forces with long-time friends and tech pioneers Dave Murray and Sumai Ounallah to create a real-time video community for weed lovers.  Toke.TV incorporates many features that have proven successful on mainstream platforms, yet it uniquely reimagines them as is necessary for this distinctive and most rapidly growing industry in the United States.

About Toke.TV:

Toke.TV is an interactive, live-streaming platform connecting the cannabis community through live video, headquartered in Downtown Los Angeles. Founded in 2015 by a Saudi national, a young tech prodigy, and a Stanfordserial tech entrepreneur, Toke.TV is the only interactive video platform and community designed specifically for cannabis. Toke.TV recently closed a $1.67 million USD Series A round and is evolving from Toke With to Toke.TV. Toke.TV is available for free download from both the Google Play and iOS App stores during its public beta period.

Existing Press:  (April 2017)