If you’re looking for ganja-friendly vacation destinations, you’ll be pleased to know that there’s no shortage of options, many of which have surfaced over the past few decades. When dreaming of cannabis-friendly destinations, most people’s minds went straight to Jamaica, its pulsating reggae music, and evocative Rastafarian culture. This still holds true.

However, more ganja getaways are on the horizon for travelers of all persuasions. New possibilities are surfacing around the world for safe and well-rounded experiences due to progressive policies that have been passed in a number of countries.

Let’s start with festivals

A great starting place to find ganja adventures would be festivals that revolve around cannabis. The most famous are the Cannabis Cups that are held in a number of countries for people who like to travel to new destinations and enjoy taking cannabis upon their arrival.


Uruguay serves as an example of broader horizons is. In Uruguay, recreational Marijuana is legal and a great deal of tourism is directed towards herb enthusiasts.


Where cannabis culture is highly pronounced for tourism in Colorado in the USA. Business is booming since the legalization of cannabis in the state, and countless new reports have shown the continuously positive impacts. Tourists from far and wide escape to Colorado to visit cannabis lounges nestled within gorgeous mountainous landscapes.

Compared to many countries, Colorado is a large region where cannabis cultivation takes place throughout the state. If you’re looking to explore the majestic natural beauty surrounded by the largest cannabis market on the planet, Colorado is sure to entice.


For a sunnier climate, you can’t go wrong by heading to Spain. Major cities like Madrid are hot spots for all manners of legalized marijuana social clubs that the authorities allow. Although you do have to be a bit discreet, many cannabis lovers marvel at the assortment of quality strains they encounter.

With its characteristically warm Spanish culture, Spain is rightfully a vacation destination for partying it up and enjoying a lively cannabis experience.

The Netherlands

No trip to Europe is complete without The Netherlands. This country draws many young people for its long-established embrace of cannabis. Its wonderfully vibrant nightlife and interest in culture are huge attractions to its visitors. There’s no shortage of activities for the whole family, so plan out your visit carefully to make the most of each day.