In the bustling coffee shops of Amsterdam, aromas of enticing brew fill the air – but there’s something found in these shops that’s more famous than the coffee. The famed White Widow is a cannabis strain that abounds in The Netherlands and has been distributed in coffee shops since it came about in the 1990s. A hybrid of Indian Indica and Brazilian Sativa, White Widow enhances the mind and lessens the sensation of pain in the body.

10 things to know about White Widow:

  • White Widow provides relief from chronic pain, including migraines and muscle aches.
  • Creatives enjoy White Widow because its effect on the brain allows users to think outside of the box, often crafting their best ideas after feeling the burst of creative energy that quickly comes with this strain.
  • Patients with Hepatitis C can benefit from White Widow’s ability to alleviate the symptoms of the disease.
  • The feeling of euphoria that comes from White Widow helps the body and mind to be more at ease, allowing for a greater sense of peace and a calm, pleasant feeling that makes the days all the merrier, especially for those with social disorders.
  • Users need to be knowledgeable of the effects of White Widow before use due to its potency.
  • Despite the sweet flavor of White Widow, some recommend the use of a vaporizer for the first smoke due to its strength.
  • Post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD) can be treated with White Widow to lessen nervousness without impairing functioning.
  • White Widow is one of the top strains that has set the bar for quality and potency. This has led to the creation of other famous strains, such as the White Russian.
  • Crystal resins, also known as trichomes, are the reason for the glistening white appearance and contribute to the scent of the strain.
  • White Widow is one of the most popular strains in the world, and is often mentioned in popular culture in music and on television. Weeds, one of the most popular shows about cannabis, also referenced it frequently.



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